Infiray TD50L - Digitalt nattsikte - 850NM IR

Infiray TD50L - Digitalt nattsikte - 850NM IR

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Infiray TD50L - Digitalt nattsikte - 850NM IR

Nyheten Infiray TD50L ta opp kampen med ATN 4k og Pulsar Digi-Ex.
I en TD 50L får du den høyeste bildeskjermsoppløsningen av noen andre digitale nattsikter på markedet

Menyer og brukeroppsett som TL35/TH35

The TUBE series TD50L is a digital night vision riflescope with outstanding night vision capability,
featuring the 50mm/F1.2 large lens,
excellent ultra-low light detector,
16+ hour battery life,
removable external batteries

,This riflescope has a similar appearance to the Day riflescope and fits the habits of Day riflescope users,
applicable to the same scope ring.

Outstanding Night Vision Capability 50mm large lens + excellent ultra-low light 1080p detector + image algorithm specially developed for low light environment
The image sharpness at night is greatly improved, and the detection range is longer.
In addition, you do not need to turn on the IR illuminator on this riflescope in a lower light environment as with other similar products.
Night vision image comparison with other similar products: (the upper image is from the TD50L)
50Hz Frame Rate Even in the night vision mode, this riflescope can still maintain the 50Hz frame rate to ensure image smoothness.
Rotary Encoder Ensure quicker operations and smooth zoom-in.
Built-in 6600mAh Battery + Removable Battery Provide battery life for a whole night.
Adjustable Concentration Ratio and Direction of the IR illuminator make operations more flexible.
Model TD50L Resolution, pixels 1440*1080
Frame Rate, Hz 50
Objective Lens, mm 50 (F1.0)
Field of View, o 6.6x4.9
Magnification, x 4.0~14.0
Smooth zoom Support Eye Relief, mm 70
Diopter Adjustment, D -4~+4
Type LCOS Resolution, pixels 1280x960
Video record resolution, pixels 1440*1080
Capture resolution, pixels 1440*1080
Detection range, m 600 Battery
Built-in 6600mAh and a replaceable 1500mAh Max.
Operating Time (at temp.=22 oC), h* >16 External power supply 5V (Type C USB)
Diameter of the riflescope body to assemble the mounting rings, mm 30
Max. Recoil Power on Rifled Weapon, g/s2 1000
Degree of protection, IP code IP67
Amount of built-in memory, GB 16
Weight (without replaceable battery), g <1000
Dimension, mm 395×85×75
APP Support Smart range finder
Support Electronic compass *
Support Motion sensor
Support IR illuminator
Included Max Power of IR illuminator , w 2.2