Zeiss Victory HT 3-12x56 T* Ret 60

Zeiss Victory HT 3-12x56 T* Ret 60

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30mm mellomrør - ringmontasje

Spesialisten for natten og måneskinnsjakt
Det smarteste kikkertsikte fra Carl Zeiss med SCHOTT HT-glass gir maksimal ytelse for skumring/natt jakt og gjør at selv de minste objektene vises i de siste restene av lys.

3 V Li-Battery CR 2032 (for belyste retikkel) og linsebeskytter, linseklut inkludert.


Forstørrelse 3 til 12 x
Effektiv Linse Diameter 44 til 56 mm
Utgangspupill Diameter 14,9 til 4,7 mm
Twilight Faktorer 8,5 til 25,9
Synsfelt på 100 meter 12,5 m - 3,5 m
Mål Betraktningsvinkel 7,2 til 2 °
Diopterjustering Område 2/-4dpt
Øyeavstand 90 mm
Parallaxfri 100
Justeringsområde høyde på 100m 120 cm
Justering per klikk på 100m 1 cm
Mellomrør Diameter 30 mm
Okularrør  Diameter 42 mm
Objektivrør Diameter 62 mm
Vanntetthet 400 mbar
Funksjonell Temperatur i ° C -25 - 50 ° C
Lengde 347 mm

598 g

Innovative optical concept

Carry on hunting well into the night – the revolutionary light transmission of up to more than 95%  makes it possible. This unique result is due to an innovative optical concept: the combination of extremely light-permeable SCHOTT HT high transmission lenses, reticle technology that offers loss-free transmission and performance-enhanced Carl Zeiss T*multi-layer coating. All this means that the VICTORY HT riflescopes set new standards worldwide for premium riflescopes.

The finest and brightest illuminated dot

Minimal target coverage and the best visibility – that is the proud claim of the finest, brightest and therefore most precise illuminated dot in the world. Thanks to unique fibre optics and nanotechnology, the VICTORY HT creates an extremely intense illuminated dot with sharp contours and ultrafine dimming. And since it is on the 2nd image plane it maintains its fine definition even during changes in magnification.

Ergonomic design

The design of the VICTORY HT is based entirely on intuitive, high precision operation. The range of sophisticated functions includes the quick and easy adjustment of the illuminated dot using the wheel on the left. Firm, rubberised surfaces make it pleasant to handle. This makes the VICTORY HT a pioneer in terms of ergonomics too.

Timelessly elegant and compact

Developed and built in a new design, the compact VICTORY HT can be fitted to even the best quality rifle to create a single perfect entity. The particularly slim eyepiece allows the scope to be mounted flat on the rifle, so that the rifle and the glass merge into a single visual entity. The lightweight, matt black aluminium body is both elegant and robust. The new titanium ring on the slim eyepiece is the new identifying feature of the VICTORY HT, which also makes a quantum leap forwards in design terms.

ASV+ ballistic concept

A further development of the tried and tested ASV, which significantly increases your accuracy even over particularly long distances: with the new ASV+ it is possible to read the shooting distance directly, offering an intuitive ease of operation that is unrivalled and guaranteeing the highest precision. A complete set of engraved metal rings is included for maximum ease of operation and the greatest flexibility. These compensate for the bullet drop of virtually all ammunition available on the market and allow a maximum operating range of up to 600 metres.
The new ASV+ is an optional extra.

Tried and tested LotuTec® coating

Keep your target clearly in sight whatever the weather. Water simply rolls off the tried and tested LotuTec® coating, ensuring clear visibility even in rain and snow. This innovative protective layer also makes it quick and easy to remove dust and dirt.

Versatile mounting options

All models in this range are available with the tried and tested ZEISS rail mount or with the 30 mm ring mounting system. This means that there are virtually no hunting rifles that cannot be combined with the ZEISS VICTORY HT riflescopes.